November 2, 2018

Tanaka Approves This Kennel

"When I first moved to Tallahassee from Miami my 1st task was to find a good vet & an affordable sitter for my “kids”. I had 2 @ that time, a 115lb Rotty & a 63lb Pit. I live off of Highway 20 and right there on Hwy 20 was/is a kennel/boarding business. I went & looked it over & just cringed! Exposed wire/metal cages, rusty cages, the smell was unbearable- I said how much (just for shits & giggles) & the man told me it would be $25 (he did not even ask me for what animal (cat/dog) nor what size) I said, “thank You” and left. Never ONCE, did I go there or look back!!! I kept on asking at work & Googling the web. I got a few recommendations to “those fancy spas” with video cameras & cushy beds & all but that did not sell me. After a few hits & misses I came across Robinhood Kennels. Hmm, I read up on the history of the place as was posted on this website & decided to pay them a visit! Let me tell you what, I WAS SOLD ON THE 1st GLANCE!!!! The folks are awesome, caring, nice, friendly & compassion! Ms. Linda, Jay & Ms. Jenny are awesome. I can tell when my babies come here they are excited to come. Since my first visit back in 2006 with my Rotty & Pit, to my most current visit this month with my Husky/Timberwolf hybrid- I can honestly say THESE FOLKS ARE MY FAMILY AWAY FROM HOME!! My baby is pampered, loved & looked after like one of their own. I THANK RHK & the “crew of ladies” (you too Jay) for a job well done & for having the BEST kennel/boarding services this neck of the woods. I never worry one iota when Tanaka (my dog) is here. On another note- I had a sickly cat a few years back that need insulin shots daily. He too came here a few times when my work had me traveling & I felt no worries for his care either. They saw that his shots were given twice a day & treated him with the gentleness that he was needing at the time. I will continue to praise/recommend them to all who ask and my service will continue as long as I have pets in my home. Prices are awesome, kennels are clean AND the staff is GREAT!!! Oh, BTW, they cut Tanaka’s nails too!"
September 23, 2018

"Great service "
September 15, 2018

"Great staff and facility!"
September 7, 2018

"JB has visited there several times. Appears clean and we'll staffed. I have no complaints . Now my takes her dog there."
July 9, 2018

"Good care at a fair price"