September 20, 2023

"I love that they put my two large dogs together in a kennel. They seem to have a good time when I take them. Front desk gas always been courteous and friendly. They have been extremely accommodating on days when my flights have gotten cancelled or when I otherwise had to extend the dogs’ stay last minute. They do charge a slight credit card service fee nowadays, so bring a check if you have one."
September 11, 2023

"Always friendly and try their best to accommodate my dog."
August 31, 2023

"Our two small dogs love it here and run in on their own! The staff is great and the company is very accommodating. We have been using Robinhood for many years for both our dogs, and occassionally our cat."
August 15, 2023

"Great place, good price. Over all great experiences."
August 2, 2023

"My cats had a great stay, and the crew liked them very much! I'm so glad that Beanie and Baby had a safe stay. It was quite affordable, and half of what the most affordable option from similar catteries asked for. On the day we arrived, they were closed at 1pm - but we only could pickup after 3.30pm and the crew helped us and made the pickup possible at later time. Thank you all for all you did for us!"