January 16, 2020

"We have been going to Robinhood Kennels for about a year now and my dogs absolutely love it here. They are very happy and never seem stressed when we pick them up. I am very grateful to the staff and owners for giving us peace of mind when we need to board our babies."
November 18, 2019

We LOVE Robinhood Kennels

"Our jobs require we travel often. Robinhood Kennels came highly recommended by friends that were clients. We were so happy to see the beautiful surroundings as we drove down the driveway. The staff is very friendly and show an obvious love of animals. We are loyal clients now for several years and highly recommend Robinhood for your kennel needs. Our fur babies mean a lot to us, it’s important we have a place to take them that will take great care of them!"
January 15, 2019

Jessee approves!

"I was VERY hesitant to kennel my dog, because the first and only time I ever did, my dog almost died from severe kennel cough which turned into pneumonia. 2 years later I found myself in a position where I had to find a kennel to keep my pup for a few days, and Robinhood came highly recommended. On the day I had to drop him off, I was very stressed, and so was he, but the staff was VERY friendly and compassionate. I of course cried (I'm such a baby), but I never felt judged! When I came to pick up Jessee, I was pleased to find that he had the time of his life. He made a new pal, and hardly wanted to leave. He slept for 2 whole days after because he was so tired from all the fun and play. There was no stress. The facility is awesome, and the people are amazing. I definitely recommend this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
November 2, 2018

Tanaka Approves This Kennel

"When I first moved to Tallahassee from Miami my 1st task was to find a good vet & an affordable sitter for my “kids”. I had 2 @ that time, a 115lb Rotty & a 63lb Pit. I live off of Highway 20 and right there on Hwy 20 was/is a kennel/boarding business. I went & looked it over & just cringed! Exposed wire/metal cages, rusty cages, the smell was unbearable- I said how much (just for shits & giggles) & the man told me it would be $25 (he did not even ask me for what animal (cat/dog) nor what size) I said, “thank You” and left. Never ONCE, did I go there or look back!!! I kept on asking at work & Googling the web. I got a few recommendations to “those fancy spas” with video cameras & cushy beds & all but that did not sell me. After a few hits & misses I came across Robinhood Kennels. Hmm, I read up on the history of the place as was posted on this website & decided to pay them a visit! Let me tell you what, I WAS SOLD ON THE 1st GLANCE!!!! The folks are awesome, caring, nice, friendly & compassion! Ms. Linda, Jay & Ms. Jenny are awesome. I can tell when my babies come here they are excited to come. Since my first visit back in 2006 with my Rotty & Pit, to my most current visit this month with my Husky/Timberwolf hybrid- I can honestly say THESE FOLKS ARE MY FAMILY AWAY FROM HOME!! My baby is pampered, loved & looked after like one of their own. I THANK RHK & the “crew of ladies” (you too Jay) for a job well done & for having the BEST kennel/boarding services this neck of the woods. I never worry one iota when Tanaka (my dog) is here. On another note- I had a sickly cat a few years back that need insulin shots daily. He too came here a few times when my work had me traveling & I felt no worries for his care either. They saw that his shots were given twice a day & treated him with the gentleness that he was needing at the time. I will continue to praise/recommend them to all who ask and my service will continue as long as I have pets in my home. Prices are awesome, kennels are clean AND the staff is GREAT!!! Oh, BTW, they cut Tanaka’s nails too!"
July 2, 2018

"Our two dogs love Robinhood Kennels and we have used them many times for weeks at a time for several years. They get excellent care and are excited to go back there each time. They run in the door! The staff is always helpful and take good care of our pets. The place is clean, indoor kennels are a/c in summer and heated in winter and we take both of their crates and remove the doors so they can come and go inside their private area. They share an outside chain link fenced run. "